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In a number of employment and civil rights cases, including class and multi-plaintiff actions, both I and the corresponding defense counsel relied heavily on Quality Interpretations for simultaneous interpretation and translation services. The parties disagreed about most things in those aggressively litigated cases, but everyone agreed that Quality Interpretations provided top-notch services to the benefit of the parties, the counsel, and the Court.

--Justin Cummins, Partner at Cummins & Cummins, LLP ”



“Esperanza is completely competent and professional in her work. She is very prompt in responding to requests for her services, punctual in showing up for appointments, and effective and appropriate in providing interpreting.” July 21, 2010

Jordan Kushner, Esq.



“We have enjoyed having Esperanza work for us as a freelance interpreter. She is very professional and willing to be flexible with our ever-changing schedule. She is very knowledgeable and capable of handling any of our assignments.” July 22, 2010

Mike Lee, Court Interpreter for Ramsey county courts.




"I work on a daily basis with other persons who interpret. I have worked with Esperanza for close to eleven years and I have never met anyone more qualified, punctual, knowledgeable or kind. She exceeds and excels in her profession. If I had the option, I would use no other "Quality Interpreter".

Susan Beaty, Hearing Officer for Hennepin county courts, February 2008



“I've had numerous opportunities to observe Esperanza's interpreting and translating skills and they are extraordinary. Her mastery of both English and Spanish combined with her professionalism, dependability and energy make her one of the best in the industry - I highly recommend.” July 22, 2010

Chul Kwak, Senior Corporate Counsel, Jostens, Inc.



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